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More and more companies are offering on-site financing, and this is the case with P.M. Caravanes! By doing business with several large financial institutions, the financing department is able to design a custom solution  according to your needs.

Advantageous solutions

Few people have the money in their pocket to buy a recreational vehicle, and that's quite normal! Financing simplifies your task by allowing you to distribute payments according to your abilities. 

By doing business with large financial institutions, P.M. Caravanes is able to offer you several advantageous options considering your financial profile.

Our team is in constant negotiation with institutions to offer you the  lowest financing rate  and the most flexible plan on the market. It is therefore very profitable to do business with our team, which will have many more options to offer you than a banking institution, thus saving you a lot of research!

Options that suit your needs!

Have you ever experienced or are currently experiencing some financial worries? No problem! Our  financing specialists  are able to find a solution for you, even if your credit report has a few spots. Our team is understanding and turns the odds your side.

In addition, you are offered the option of  refinancing a loan  or changing its terms if any changes occur.

For a  quick estimate , complete our financing request form which will allow us to have a more precise idea of your financial picture. This quick form will help us find a  financing plan  that's right for you in the blink of an eye: it's just a few clicks away; the rest, we'll take care of it!

Then choose your preferred method of communication and we'll call or send you an email or text to let you know the estimate.

You can also contact us or make an appointment to discuss it. Our team is available to help you!

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