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An RV is made up of a multitude of parts that ensure its operation, both inside and out. If you are missing a part or suspect that one of them is defective, we can help you replace it! P.M. Caravanes has a large inventory of parts and accessories and can order yours if needed.

Original parts

The optimal functioning of your recreational vehicle obviously depends on the excellence and solidity of each of its parts. The brands we deal with are renowned for the quality of their vehicles, and therefore of their parts.

Therefore P.M. Caravanes offers you certified original parts, specially designed for your caravan, tent trailer or other. These parts come from the manufacturer of your vehicle and are therefore ideal for it: demand only the best quality by dealing with our parts department!

This way, you will be sure to leave with peace of mind, with good quality, solid and safe parts that will allow you to travel as you wish.

Request your parts

Use our form to help us find the parts you need. In a few clicks, let us know the relevant information about the vehicle you own and the parts you are looking for: we will get back to you as soon as possible.

P.M. Caravanes has a vast inventory of parts on site; however, if we don’t have yours, don’t worry we will order it for you!

If you are not sure of the name of the missing part or its inventory number, our technicians are available for you. Contact the parts and accessories department and we will help you find the part in question!

If you are looking for a specific accessory to enhance your travel experience, we also have many in stock or available to order. Don’t hesitate to ask for the accessory you are looking for, or to ask our team for advice, and they will be happy to help you.

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